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Preparation of accounts is very important part of our services. 381 Accountancy and Bookkeeping have a team of expert who provide extensive and personalise service to our new and existing clients. We have team of experts.

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We provide bookkeeping services at your place as well as at our premises, which gives you freedom to concentrate on your business let expert do your books. We provide bookkeeping online services at very affordable prices.

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Management want to make sure that company employees and directors are getting paid correct amount and the Legal authorities such as HMRC are getting paid correct amount of tax and National Insurance contribution both employers and employees.

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Tax & VAT Returns

Our service targets those of you who have income from salaries, pensions or wages, investments or savings, small self-employments, properties, capital fees, or professional fees. In our tax return service, we will assist you when it comes to the preparation.

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You need a good accountant, this is why we choose to be

We provide excellent advice and premium class service to all our clients. We are Accounting Company in Dubai serving multiple parts of the world Dubai, UK, across the Europe. 381 ABS provides accountancy and bookkeeping services at very competitive prices, we provide, specialise and tailor made service for contractors, architects, freelancers, locums and consultants. We focus on small business like you, our friendly and cost effective service take care of all accounting needs.

  • We provide unlimited telephone and email support and reply to your queries within 24hrs.
  • Provide bookkeeping Services using online software Kashflow.
  • Company formation or set up your business
  • Provide assistance with opening a business bank account
  • Provide assistance with completing and filling personal tax return
  • Provide support and help with VAT Return
  • Payroll Services, and provide help calculating correct tax and national insurance contributions
  • Our friendly and qualified accounting staff have either completed or are studying towards one of the following qualifications: ACCA, IFA, or AAT

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 I’m running a construction company based in london and portugal. 381ABS has helped me to setup a proper financial record of my business and they are providing me all the upto date information about Tax laws and Regulations. I would definitely recommend you to hire 381ABS for your success.


Director - WL Business

381 is absolutely consistent in completing my works. They are proactive than reactive. Beyond they are Trustworthy, Responsive and International. Keep up the same work. All the best to 381 team.

Srirangam R

Director - Team Versatiles Soft Solutions

It’s been almost 5 years with 381 and till date have no issues regarding any kind of accounts filing issues.It’s always easy to file the things on time. Thanks to 381 ABS, Habib, who is continuously delivering the things for me.


CEO - Manu Travels

The management team of 381ABS is very cooperative and professionals, who helped me to get set up my business from the bottom and also they have provided solutions to cut my expenses too. Big thanks to them.

Golam N

Director - TINTICO Ltd

I’m very happy with the services those 381ABS has provided to me because they assist me in the better way to save my tax and aso to increase my surplus.

Srinivas M

CEO - Smarttech Solutions Ltd

I’m feeling relaxed of my business and financials management because the moment we contracted with 381ABS literally has changed our financials to better position.

Fawad Butt

CEO - Kunhar UK Ltd