How can we help?

  • At 381 Accountancy and Bookkeeping Services Ltd we offer a wide range of accounting services.
  • We understand this is an important process in the lifecycle of your company but we know you still have a lot ahead of you to see you company up and running. Therefore, we won’t charge you an arm and leg.
  • Our rates are reasonably affordable but this does not mean we compromise on quality.
  • We have competent accountants who will take care of the accounting, book keeping, payroll services and tax requirements of your company. This will ensure that your business kicks off on the right financial gear.
  • Whether you are just starting up the business or you would like to change the accountant of your current company for any reason, 381 Accountancy will take care of it once and for all.


Preparation of accounts is very important part of our services. 381 Accountancy and Bookkeeping have a team of expert who provide extensive and personalise service to our new and existing clients. We have team of experts.


We provide bookkeeping services at your place as well as at our premises, which gives you freedom to concentrate on your business let expert do your books. We provide bookkeeping online services at very affordable prices..


Management want to make sure that company employees and directors are getting paid correct amount and the Legal authorities such as HMRC are getting paid correct amount of tax etc. We ensure it is done properly.

Tax & VAT Returns

Our service targets those of you who have income from salaries, pensions or wages, investments or savings, small self-employments, properties, capital fees, or professional fees.

What Our Clients Say?

I’m running a construction company based in london and portugal. 381ABS has helped me to setup a proper financial record of my business and they are providing me all the upto date information about Tax laws and Regulations. I would definitely recommend you to hire 381ABS for your success.


Director - WL Business

It’s been almost 5 years with 381 ABS and till date have no issues regarding any kind of accounts filing issues.It’s always easy to file the things on time. Thanks to 381 ABS, Habib, who is continuously delivering the things for me.


CEO - Manu Travels

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Fawad Butt

Director - KUNHAR UK Ltd